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How to run your own Business and Parent

There is a growing number of parents taking their chance as an entrepreneur – where they can earn money while being their own boss. Some see this as an opportunity to manage a business while having the chance to look after their kids. It will give them a chance to manage their own schedule. It sounds easy to do, but playing two roles can be very challenging.

If you are a parent and trying to start a business, these pointers can help you manage your expectations.

1. There will never be a regular day.

Time management is very important. Know when to focus on business and when to shift it to your children. Creating a weekly schedule that will help you balance your time as a parent and as an entrepreneur. Never forget important family occasions too, it is an opportunity to bond with other family members as well.

2. Admit that sometimes you will really need help.

Parenting alone can be very stressful, as much as how mind-boggling it is to be an entrepreneur. Some parents don't want to get a babysitter and still prefer to personally attend to their kids.

Accept the fact that will be days where you can’t give your full attention to both. Talk to your significant other about planning on how to look after your children. If you are a single parent, you might really need a babysitter or ask for help from relatives.

3. You will always give your best.

Thinking about your child’s future is probably one of the reasons why you have started the business. Due to this, you might always push yourself to do your best. It seems like there is nothing wrong, but giving all-out might be draining your energy. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your health too. Taking vitamins or supplements may help you boost your immunity, which can give you the energy to fulfill your duties as an entrepreneur and a parent for the whole day.

4. You will play two roles simultaneously.

You can’t juggle two things perfectly. It is important to know your boundaries as a parent and as an entrepreneur. You can’t give your full attention to your child even if you are at home facing a laptop, and the same goes the other way around. We know it is hard, but you have to try your best to focus on your child whenever you are at home and focus on the business when you are at the business. Even if you have a home-based business, the same rules apply.

Children nowadays need more guidance from parents. At the same time, providing for their needs can be hard too. Paying attention to your health is the most important of all – you can’t be a parent and an entrepreneur if you are sick. These pointers may sound discouraging, but many successful entrepreneurs today are proof that you can be a parent and an entrepreunur at the same time.

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