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  • P.J. Bass

5 Ways to start living and stop dreaming now!

I know you are probably like me and have dreams you have had for countless years on your to-do list. However, every year it seems like the same list is there year after year. This can be the year that you don’t have to keep dreaming about it. Check it off your list this year!

1) Set a Specific Goal

The first step is to set your goal by writing it down, say it aloud, put it on your mirror. Whatever you must do to get it in the atmosphere. What exactly do you want to accomplish? If you desire to write a book, then that is your specific goal. Now you want to make it Measurable and Relevant. An example is that you will write a Fiction young adult book in 7 months.

2) Get an Accountability Partner

This second step is imperative that you partner with someone to hold you accountable to accomplish your goal. This person could be a coach, family member, mentor, or good friend.


You are going to do what it takes to make it happen. Research online, Get a mentor, library, interview someone. Do whatever it takes to gather data to perfect it.

4) Set a Deadline

The fourth step and is probably the most important! Put an actual date down on your calendar. You are working backward from that date. The date you select is a date that is reasonable and attainable. You certainly would not put a three-day deadline on creating a new app. It has to a realistic date but quickly!

5) Make it Happen!

Execute your goal and see your final product manifest! If it is a book. Then you will see the book published. If it is going back to school, then you would have enrolled. If it is starting a business, then it is having it registered and open your doors.

Now get out there and stop dreaming and start living!

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